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Does your company trim trees?

YES, we trim, prune, crown and thin. We remove dead branches. We also remove branches that may become a hazard to people or a structure. We will trim to make a beautiful shape and promote healthy growth.

Can you remove a tree?

YES, we are trained on complete tree removal. We are insured as well. We apply safe work practices. We have the proper equipment and the skills to tackle most any tree project.

Will you allow me to have dimensional lumber or live edge slab from my tree that you remove?

YES, we will work with you on felling your tree and work out the best way to get the most yield of dimensional lumber and or live edge slabs. Once the tree is down we can access the quality of the wood and make suggestions.

Do you also do stump grinding and removal?

YES, we provide that as a service from a reliable third party.

Can I keep the tree that you fell for fire wood?

YES, we can cut the tree to the pieces you need for fire wood or you can cut them yourself if you desire.

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